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Category: Anti Aging Treatment

Revitol Anti Aging Review: Can It Really Make You Look Younger?

There is something to be said about aging gracefully, but it’s been our experience that this often takes a helping hand. We are no strangers to the world of anti aging creams and believe it’s never too soon to start using them. After all, high quality anti aging products are designed to not only repair damage, but prevent it from happening in the future. The Revitol Anti Aging line is complete with 5 different products designed to tackle a few different areas of anti aging. But are any of them any good? Let’s find out… What is Revitol Anti...

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Microderm MD Review: Is it Really the Best for Microdermabrasion at Home?

When it comes to skin care products, we’ve been around the block a time or two. In fact, it’s pretty rare that at least one of us at Team Stripped hasn’t personally tested out the latest and greatest on the market. That goes for Trophy Skin’s Microderm MD at home microdermabrasion kit too. If we’re being honest (and we truly strive to be!), we love just about anything that has to do with anti aging. Why? Because we ain’t getting any younger…but we sure as heck want to look like we are! And we must admit, we love a...

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