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Category: Acne Treatment

ZENMED Acne Review: Does It Work & Will You See Results? (updated for 2017)

For most things in life, I like to think I’ll try anything once, but when I find something I love I’m loyal. As in, fiercely loyal. You have the obvious things like friends, family and foods (pizza, hello!) and the same goes for my go-to skin care products. There are some crucial criteria I look for whenever I try a new product, such as quality, ingredients, price, bust most importantly, results. About 3 years ago I was introduced to a skincare line that was making waves in the media, Zenmed. I was instantly attracted because they were a Canadian...

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Blue MD Review: Does this Blue Light Acne Treatment Really Work?

How do you treat acne? Let’s see, there are acne spot treatments, facial cleansers, acne face masks, supplements, medications, spa treatments. You name it and there is likely at least one article on the internet telling you that it is a viable cure for acne. Special diets, hormonal remedies, acupuncture, or exercise. The list goes on. And today we’re going to add to that list with blue light therapy. What Is Blue Light Acne Treatment Blue light acne treatment, or blue light therapy, is the use of blue light (obviously!). Spa and at home blue light machines are positioned...

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Exposed Skin Care Review: EXPOSING the Truth About Their Acne Treatment Products!

Ready for this? 60 million Americans suffer from acne today. And this is both teenagers and adults, so it’s not surprising that the skincare industry is doing it’s best to pump out products to appeal to the masses. Alongside well known brands like Proactiv and Clearasil, Exposed Skin Care in one of the new and exciting brands stepping up and turning heads. In this review, we’ll show you why. Interestingly enough, most skin care lines tackle only one issue at a time. The problem is, many skin conditions are interrelated and acne is often an underlying factor contributing to...

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