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ZENMED Acne Review: Does It Work & Will You See Results? (updated for 2017)

For most things in life, I like to think I’ll try anything once, but when I find something I love I’m loyal. As in, fiercely loyal. You have the obvious things like friends, family and foods (pizza, hello!) and the same goes for my go-to skin care products. There are some crucial criteria I look for whenever I try a new product, such as quality, ingredients, price, bust most importantly, results. About 3 years ago I was introduced to a skincare line that was making waves in the media, Zenmed. I was instantly attracted because they were a Canadian...

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TriLastin SR Review: The Best Stretch Mark Cream Or A Complete Bust?

Stretch marks. *sigh* It seems like one day I just woke up and there they were. At first they were small and so lightly silver in colour that they were hardly noticeable. But over time, and after fluctuating weight for a few years, they were bigger, darker and well, rather conspicuous. Somedays it feels like there are so many expectations on how my body should look and stretch marks aren’t exactly viewed as acceptable. The fact is, women get stretch marks. Hell, men get them too. Sometimes they are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something we can...

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Blue MD Review: Does this Blue Light Acne Treatment Really Work?

How do you treat acne? Let’s see, there are acne spot treatments, facial cleansers, acne face masks, supplements, medications, spa treatments. You name it and there is likely at least one article on the internet telling you that it is a viable cure for acne. Special diets, hormonal remedies, acupuncture, or exercise. The list goes on. And today we’re going to add to that list with blue light therapy. What Is Blue Light Acne Treatment Blue light acne treatment, or blue light therapy, is the use of blue light (obviously!). Spa and at home blue light machines are positioned...

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Revitol Anti Aging Review: Can It Really Make You Look Younger?

There is something to be said about aging gracefully, but it’s been our experience that this often takes a helping hand. We are no strangers to the world of anti aging creams and believe it’s never too soon to start using them. After all, high quality anti aging products are designed to not only repair damage, but prevent it from happening in the future. The Revitol Anti Aging line is complete with 5 different products designed to tackle a few different areas of anti aging. But are any of them any good? Let’s find out… What is Revitol Anti...

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Meladerm Review: Is it Really the Best Skin Lightening Cream?

Skin lightening seems to be taking the skincare industry by storm these days, but we feel like it’s one of the least talked about niches. Why? Because there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about what skin lightening really is. Don’t worry, we tackled that issue already here. Essentially, skin lightening is used to treat everything from uneven complexions to erasing scars and stretch marks. Enter Meladerm. Meladerm is a one of the leading skin lightening products on the market right now because it doesn’t rely on harsh bleaching agents to achieve results. But the real question is,...

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