When it comes to anti aging, perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions is that the skin on your face is what gives away your age.

In our humble opinion, we disagree.

Though your face can definitely give away your age, we believe it’s your neck and decollete that are the true culprits.

Neck wrinkles or otherwise loose neck skin are a tell tale sign of aging. And worse, they are incredibly hard to hide…unless you’re into turtlenecks and scarves all year round.

As one of the most sexy parts of your body (again, in our opinion!) don’t you want to show it off and tighten up neck skin instead?

What Are Neck Wrinkles?

Neck wrinkles are defined by their crepey appearance or by loose neck skin. There are two different types of neck wrinkles that you can experience; horizontal neck wrinkles and vertical neck wrinkles

Horizontal Neck Wrinkles

Horizontal neck wrinkles are typically a result of reduced collagen. As we age our collagen levels begin to dwindle naturally, and it can leave our skin looking saggy and less firm.

This collagen depletion can be caused simply by age, but exacerbated by unprotected exposure to sun and other environmental toxins.

Vertical Neck Wrinkles

Vertical neck wrinkles are deeper and more problematic than horizontal ones. This type of neck wrinkle forms from keeping your head in the same position for extended periods of time. Most commonly, this is referred to as “tech neck” thanks to all that computer browsing and iPhone playing.

Vertical wrinkles can also form from the way you sleep. Unfortunately, this is far more difficult to prevent because you can’t control your body in your sleep.

What Causes Neck Wrinkles

In addition to the two types of neck wrinkles we just mentioned, there are other factors that contribute to loose neck skin.

For example (and unsurprisingly), overexposure to the sun without protection can be a major contributor. The UV rays from the sun break down your natural collagen and elastin and make your skin vulnerable.

Another cause of neck wrinkles is repetitive motions. Turning your head, speaking and even swallowing are all movements we perform daily that can lead to saggy neck skin in the long run.

Genetics of course, is a contributor and one we cannot control, however, you can control your lifestyle habits. Habits like eating healthy, exercising and not smoking can all help you maintain overall strong, youthful skin.

How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

If you want to know how to get a younger looking neck then we have a few simple to implement preventative steps.

Use Neck Firming Cream

We believe it’s never too soon to start using anti aging creams. Neck firming creams are designed to specifically target your sensitive, overused neck skin and strengthen it from the inside out.

Sleep the Right Way

Everything from your pillow to position can impact whether or not you get neck wrinkles. For starters, make sure your pillow height gives you enough support, but still allows your back to lie straight.

As far as positions go, sleeping on your bag is the best if you want to avoid loose neck skin. If you can’t give up your beloved side sleeper position, then make sure you support the gap between your neck and the bed. This will help you prevent horizontal neck lines.

Mind Your Posture

Going back to the whole tech neck thing, avoid tilting your head down when looking at your phone or computer. Instead, position it so you do not have to bend your neck at all. May look a little funny and definitely more conspicuous, but it’s worth it not to get that saggy neck skin.

How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles Naturally

If you’ve already earned some neck wrinkles, don’t’ worry just yet. There are several methods on how to get rid of neck wrinkles naturally and surgically. Let’s dish on the natural side of things first.

Neck Wrinkle Exercises

Strengthen your neck muscles by practicing your vowels. Start by looking in the mirror so you can see what you are doing.

Enunciate the letters “A” and “O” one right after the other and do so without having your lips or teeth touch at all. Do this 10 time and repeat 3 times daily. It’s tougher than it sounds!

Another neck exercise is to simply turn your head. Sitting upright with straightened shoulders, slowly turn your head from right to left. Hold it on each side for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times per side.

This particular exercise helps you strengthen your neck muscles, which has skin firming benefits in the long run.

Homemade Neck Firming Cream

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoons of Cocoa Butter
  • 2 teaspoons Coconut Oil
  • 20 drops Argan Oil
  • 20 drops Rosehip Oil
  • 10 drops Neroli Oil

Step One

In a double boiler melt your cocoa butter and coconut oil over low to medium heat.

**If you don’t have a double boiler, you can use two different sized pots. In the larger pot pour in an inch of water. Place the second, smaller pot inside this. The heat from the steaming water is less intense and won’t burn your ingredients.

Step Two

Once everything is melted add in your essential oils and stir vigorously so everything becomes blended. You can also do this in a blender for a more whipped consistency.

Step Three

Transfer your lotion into a clean glass jar and let it sit. As it cools it will harden and have a more creamy consistency.

If you want it to feel more like a neck cream instead of a lotion then you need to let it cool for longer. For those who live in a warmer climate you can store it in the fridge too.

Replace every 3-4 weeks.

Why This Works

Besides being a 100% natural alternative to all the toxic ones on the market, this is a neck cream that really works.

Cocoa butter and coconut oil are rich in potent antioxidants that protect and strengthen your skin against free radicals. They also help give your skin a hit of moisture for firmer, more hydrated looking skin.

Argan oil is ripe with vitamin E and a natural chemical component called saponins. Together they hydrate dry, uneven skin and give it a healthier more even skin tone.

Rosehip oil contains omega fatty acids that allow it to penetrate your skin easily. At the deepest layer of your skin it works to repair damage caused by overexposure to the sun, a main cause of neck wrinkles.

Finally, neroli oil prompts the regeneration of skin cells and promotes greater elasticity in your skin. It can also reduce inflammation and tighten your skin for a firmer neck.

How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles Surgically

Botox for Neck Lines

Depending on the type of neck wrinkles you have, botox may be an option for you.
If you have vertical neck wrinkles then botox is a great option.

Botox will tighten your neck for a firmer appearance, and results usually last around 3-4 months.

Neck Lift Surgery

If you have neck wrinkles and saggy neck skin then neck lift surgery may be something you consider.

It’s important to note that neck lifts are typically performed in conjunction with facelifts, but can be done on its own as well.

This procedure will remove any excess skin, as well as tighten the neck muscles giving you a more contoured neckline.

The downside of this surgery besides cost, is that it can be quite painful and take more than two weeks for all the swelling and bruising to go down. If you’re up for a little pain, but quick results then consult with a local plastic surgeon.

Microdermabrasion for Neck Lines

Another way you can tackle neck wrinkles is by using an at home microdermabrasion machine or visiting your local spa.

Microdermabrasion allows for the gradual resurfacing of skin without causing it any trauma or damage. This prompts your skin to regenerate new, healthy skin cells, as well as reduces the appearance of dark spots and fine lines that are aging your neck.

We think the best at home microdermabrasion kit is Microderm MD. It is affordable and effective. Read our full Microderm MD review here.

Best Neck Firming Creams

Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete

Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete was designed to help firm and plump the skin on your neck. Not only is it designed to tighten neck skin, but it also helps resurface your complexion for a smoother, more even tone.

Within a handful of weeks you should notice reduced inflammation in your neck skin, plus fine lines should be reduced. By week 5-6 your neck should look tighter and younger.

Learn more about Murad here.

Revitol for Neck Wrinkles

Revitol Anti Aging Moisturizer Cream is a one stop shop in terms of firming creams. It works on your face, neck and chest and combines age defying ingredients to not only tighten your neck skin, but reduce blemishes and firm skin tone.

This firming lotion will also help you get rid of forehead wrinkles, under eye wrinkles and more.

Learn more about Revitol here.

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