When I was 6 years old I got chicken pox. It made me uncomfortable, grumpy and the itching sensation was nearly impossible to ignore.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve always been bad when it came to picking at scabs or popping pimples. So you can imagine how awful I was with chicken pox as a child.

I rubbed, picked, and generally went to town on those pox. Needless to say I walked out of it with more than one scar.

In my later years, the desire to poke at every bump on skin remained and eventually I wound up with a few acne scars on my face. Mostly on my chin, as this is where most of my breakouts occurred.

It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties that I realized my sensitive skin couldn’t afford to be mauled at every time I had a pimple pop up.

Because the truth is, not touching pimples is way easier to accomplish than trying to erase acne scars on your face.

While those pesky pimples still torture me when they do pop up, I now leave them alone.

But since this lesson wasn’t learned early enough I’ve been found some handy (and homemade!) acne scar treatment remedies.

All natural and easy to use, here are 5 of the best acne scar treatment remedies that will help you erase the traces of breakouts over time.

#5: Lemon Fresh Scar Lightening

Lemons are one of nature’s greatest skin lightening agents, which means it is also great for lightening acne scars.

Lemons are overflowing with vitamin C, one of the best antioxidants out there. Antioxidants have been scientifically proven to stop your body from over producing melanin, which is the substance responsible for creating your acne scar.

Not only does it stop scars in their tracks, lemons also contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that work twofold — as a natural exfoliator and to improve cell regeneration for scar-free skin.

How to Use Lemons for Acne Scars

To reduce the appearance of acne scars using lemons, all you need is one fresh lemon.

Squeeze some lemon juice onto a cotton pad and apply to scarred skin. Hold it over your skin to really saturate that area with as many lemon-y benefits as possible. Do this for 10 minutes.

This is by no means a quick trick, but if you repeat this scar treatment daily you will begin to see results in a few weeks time. Remember, scars are a result of damaged skin and it’s a lot harder to repair damage than it is to prevent it.

#4: Chamomile Tea Acne Scar Face Mask

This next facial scar removal technique is relaxing and effective. One might even say it feels like a day at the spa.

As it turns out, chamomile tea is more than just a calming night tight tea. It’s also effective at lightening acne scars and brightening your overall complexion.

One of the biggest perks of using chamomile for acne scars is that it helps reduce inflammation. It is also rich with antioxidants that heal and repair marred skin, to restore it to it’s former glory.

Antibacterial properties present in chamomile leaves can also help reduce the risk of future breakouts, making this next DIY both reparative and preventative!

How to Use Chamomile Tea for Acne Scars

Steep loose leaf or bagged chamomile in hot water for 6 minutes. Once steeped, use a clean face cloth and drench it in the tea.

Place the face cloth over your freshly cleaned face, lie back, and kick up your feet while you let the face cloth mask your face for 10 minutes.

The heat from the water will help open up your pores so any dirt, grime or dead skin cells can be wiped away. It also lets all the health benefits of the chamomile seep deep down into your skin so it can treat your scars at the most basic level.

#3: Fade Acne Scars with Cucumbers

Cucumbers are used in so many DIY skin care remedies because they are cool and effective. In fact, cucumbers are natural astringents, meaning it tightens your pores. Astringents also naturally work to reduce skin discolouration because they target the scar producing melanin and slough away dead cells that are preventing your skin from healing properly.

How to Use Cucumbers for Acne Scars

This is one of the most simple acne scar treatments out there. All you have to do is peel and mash up one inch of fresh cucumber. Use the pump and apply it over your scarred skin. Let this soak in for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

By the end of this acne treatment your skin will feel cleaner, tighter and les inflamed. After a couple of weeks you should begin to notice a difference in the brightness of your scars.

#2: Oatmeal + Honey Acne Scar Treatment

We love natural ingredients here at Stripped because they can be used to treat so many skin issues and because they are readily available in our kitchens.

This next one is no exception.

Oatmeal is a great exfoliator that can be used in face masks and homemade acne cleansers. It helps clear away blemish causing bacteria and improves blood flow to damaged skin cells which helps the body kickstart the skin cell rejuvenation process.

Honey, on the other hand, contains humectant properties, allowing it to lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated. And hydrated skin is happy skin!

Honey also contains antibacterial properties that can help you fade acne scars.

How to Use Oatmeal + Honey for Acne Scars

To make this exfoliating acne scar mask, mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and one tablespoon of raw organic honey in a bowl. Using clean fingers, massage this gooey mask into your skin using circular motions.

By applying this in circulation motion you are stimulating your circulation and gently sloughing away dead or damaged skin cells so new, healthy skin cells can replace them.

Massage into your face for 5-8 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

This acne face scrub is safe to use 3-4 times a week depending on your skin type. If you have overly sensitive skin or are experiencing a severe acne breakout we don’t recommend using this mask more than 1-2 times per week. In as little as one month you will begin to see a reduction in your acne scars.

If your skin feels raw or tender after you are either massaging it in too vigorously or having an adverse reaction. In this case we would suggest you stop using it.

#1: Essential Oils for Acne Scars

We love love love our essential oils.


Because there are so many to choose from and they are wonderful at treating, healing and soothing the skin and body.

If you are looking to get rid of acne scars then there are a few essential oils you will want to add to your arsenal.

Essential Oils for Scars

Calendula essential oil is extracted from marigold flowers and contains anti inflammatory properties that soothe and heal irritated or scarred skin.

To use, you can simply mix a few drops into your favourite moisturizer and rub it over your scars. This is a great way to get daily scar fading action with minimal effort.

Lavender oil contains antiseptic and anti fungal agents that promote skin cell rejuvenation when applied directly to scars. You can use it on its own or combined with moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter or vitamin e oil for acne scars.

Mustard seed essential oil is must less common, but one of the best oils for treating acne scars. Thanks to its high fat content, it fills out your scar tissues and reduces the puffy redness. The only downside is it is kind of stinky.

Now tell us — how do you treat your acne scars? Share in the comment section below.

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