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Author: Sabrina Thompson

10 Best Anti Aging Foods to Help You Look and Feel Younger in 30 Days or Less

What if we told you that eating certain foods could shave years off your appearance? That by simply changing your diet you could see noticeable differences in fine lines and wrinkles, and enjoy healthier, younger looking skin? Maybe you would think this sounds too good to be true, and that’s ok – we want you to call our bluff. Because the truth is, anti aging foods are real and they are simple to incorporate into your diet. Now, before we dive into the best anti aging foods out there, I think it’s important that we all understand the relationship...

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads. Ugh. We honestly find them one of the most frustrating acne ailments, Unlike whiteheads that seem to appear and disappear in a few days, blackheads tend to set up shop on your face for so much longer. And even though they are much smaller and harder to see (unless you’re nose deep in your vanity mirror!) they can dull your complexion and lead to bigger acne flare ups. What Are Blackheads? Blackheads, also known medically as “open comedones” are a result of oxidization of skin debris in your follicle. Bacteria, dirt and excess oil (sebum) can all build...

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Exposed Skin Care Review: EXPOSING the Truth About Their Acne Treatment Products!

Ready for this? 60 million Americans suffer from acne today. And this is both teenagers and adults, so it’s not surprising that the skincare industry is doing it’s best to pump out products to appeal to the masses. Alongside well known brands like Proactiv and Clearasil, Exposed Skin Care in one of the new and exciting brands stepping up and turning heads. In this review, we’ll show you why. Interestingly enough, most skin care lines tackle only one issue at a time. The problem is, many skin conditions are interrelated and acne is often an underlying factor contributing to...

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9 Step Anti-Aging Checklist: Anti-Aging Tricks Even Your Grandma Would Approve

The first time you notice a wrinkle in the mirror can be a very big wakeup call. If you’re anything like us, that wrinkle made you acutely aware of the fact that you weren’t getting any younger and now was the time to start preventing future wrinkles. A little preventative damage control can go along way, especially when it comes to maintaining that youthful visage. And sometimes all it takes is a few tried and true techniques that even your grandma would approve of. Follow the below anti aging tricks and you’ll be well on your way to looking...

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The Ultimate Guide on How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Men and women around the world suffer from stretch marks. Thanks to growth spurts, pregnancy and general weight fluctuations, our skin can become compromised and those sneaky little stretch marks can just pop out of nowhere. Stretch marks are particularly upsetting because they are bright and noticeable on your skin. Not to mention they can be very difficult to get rid of. Having stretch marks can affect your self confidence and make you feel self conscious about your body. The good news is, there are several remedies for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and we’ve got them all...

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